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As you all know FaceTime has been extremely popular among Apple users. It allows them to use video call free on 3G networks and WIFI connections but this is only available for iPhone users and may FaceTime fans who are using android are…

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Can You Download FaceTime For Android? (8 Good Options) Why You Can't Get FaceTime for Android While it may not be possible for Android users to talk using FaceTime, we've just seen that there are plenty of other video calling options. You just need to make sure that both people have the same video calling apps on their phones. Facetime App: Download Apk For Android, iOS App & Windows PC FaceTime is one of the wonderful free calling and video calling app available in the iOS platform. Unfortunately, this FaceTime app is not available for Android right ... Facetime for Android App | Download | Apk Latest* Version

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The 10 Best Alternative to Facetime for Android |… The FaceTime app has gained tons of popularity and is very user-friendly and well-integrated. If you are an Android user looking for a FaceTime app for your device, sadly it is only restricted to iOS devices. However, there are a lot of video chatting alternatives for Android that you can use. 5 Best Alternatives to FaceTime for Android What is FaceTime? Apple FaceTime app, one popular native iOS social video app, isn't the first video chatting app, but it is a solid tool and many iOS users love it very much. The program has provides high quality video/audio calling experienceas long as your device in a good network. FaceTime Android Alternatives to FaceTime for Android From that time FaceTime became so much popular and was liked so much by the iOS users. There are also a lot of other apps that let us video callThe replacement to Facetime is the Google Hangouts which is Google’s own video calling app that comes with every new Android phone pre-installed.


Facetime can't be used on Android, but you can learn how to make video calls with these Android Facetime alternatives.

Look for an alternative to FaceTime for Android? This article recommends you 5 best FaceTime alternative for Android phone/tablet or PC.